Linda Reiter, Pastor  Linda

 I am pastor of Vineyard Christian Church located on the east side area of Columbus, OH. I was sent out as a church planter from Vineyard Columbus in 2005. I have a passion for helping others discover how God has made them and encourage them to walk it out. I am married to Richard and have two sons, Jonathan and Nathan who are both married.   Now we have become grandparents to four precious little girls and one little boy.  

  A key verse for my life has been Daniel 11:32b  “The people who know their God will display strength and take action.”



Richard Reiter, Pastor 

I serve Vineyard Christian Church as a pastor, evangelist, teacher, and worship leader.  From time to time I am asked the question, “what’s it like having your wife as a pastor?”  “Great” I reply, “Because that is the will of God.”  For those desiring to know more about our pastoral configuration, feel free to contact me.   In the past, I have been privileged to plant a church and pastor in three other churches since 1978.  The experience has been a God adventure.  But that is what my life is to be…a God adventure!