God created every person for one purpose – to worship Him.  
God desires to connect with people through His Son Jesus Christ.  
Vineyard is an opportunity for those wanting to explore Jesus.  
Connecting helps a person feel they belong.
Visit a Sunday morning celebration.  Enjoy a time of Mix N Mingle with others.   Volunteer in the community.  These are ways to connect. 
We are a church that believes in building relationships at a small group level.  Each semester we have a new listing of small groups.  This provides an excellent opportunity to meet people, ask questions about the Bible and simply just have a good time.  Check out our small group page for a current listing. 
It is our belief that everyone can find a place to serve in or outside the church.  We believe as John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement, has repeatedly said:  “Everyone can play!”   Through serving, we can find meaning and great pleasure.  We have a gift inventory to check how you were ‘wired’ and how you can find the niche that works for you!  
Our church FaceBook page is another way you can connect with others.  Click here and make yourself known! 
Come on out to church and see what interests you!