Ministries to Serve You

The purpose of each area of ministry is to fulfill the mission of the church.  We are commissioned to make disciples (passionate and radical followers of Jesus) as described in Matt. 28:16-20.  Our congregation consists of a diverse group of people in ages, socioeconomic status, race and culture  and we welcome the Spirit of God to work through us to duplicate ourselves so that others too can find the joy and pleasure in discovering a relationship with the God of the Universe through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We have found that it is possible to find hope and healing in our personal lives, in our relationships and most importantly our relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have various ministries to serve the community and to serve one another within the church.  Christ is the ultimate example of being a servant.  Our goal is to be a servant like Christ and be His hands and feet.  It is an incredible privilege and honor to be able to serve Christ.

Take a look at the various ministries and if you have questions or would like more information please feel free to contact one of the team leaders, contact the church office, or submit the form at the bottom of the ministry page and someone will get back with you.

As you look them over, we are also continually looking to expand stretch beyond our current borders.  We want to grow and reach into the community to reach more people.  If you would like to help us with this, check out the ‘Get Involved' page for more information.


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