Obstacles to Grace Continued

I shared with you in my last post obstacles that I have encountered recently because of Hurricane Irma.  I am still trying to process what has happened to me and my parents.  And I realize that this is just one story among thousands of stories that have been affected by recent hurricanes.  As I’ve had my own obstacles to grace, let me give you a bit of a follow up as to what God has done.  Even though we came back with so little, God has abundantly provided for my parents.  They relocated to Ohio finding a condo that is actually just a few minutes away from where I live.  Initially, my dad said to my sister, no sense in moving into this condo because we have nothing to put into it.  My sister challenged them to think it through some more and see what God will do.  They took a step of faith and signed up for the condo.  If you would go into their place now, you could walk from room to room and hear stories of God’s provision.  People in amazing ways came around and have given them support financially and materially above and beyond what anyone could think or imagine.  Yes, they’ve had to start over and yet God has shown Himself, has shown His grace throughout the whole process.  It is not the way that I would have done it.  lol  But He always works things out in ways that are so much better in the light of eternity.  My husband and I had to work through some of our own issues through the process.  But, I’ve realized that he was truly wanting to protect my life from disease/contamination.  And as to my brother, I realize that I have my own feelings of insecurity that can raise their ugly head as that of  ‘little sister’.  I realize that my brother was doing the best possible that he could do in the circumstances that all of us were facing. 

Obstacles?  yes.  Grace evident? yes.  Do we always understand? no.  But, as we learn to yield to our Lord bit by bit as we are able, obstacles are overcome through Jesus Christ at the center.    

In Christ – in Christ – we can overcome every obstacle to grace!   This is great news!  Take time out….List out your obstacles.  Name them.  Take them to Jesus. Tell him your thoughts. Share your emotions.   Listen to what He has to say.  Invite Him to be at the center of your life.  Surrender your ways to His ways.  Allow Your mind to be transformed to think with His mind.  These are some of the things that I’m going through to face my obstacles. 

Did all of the obstacles go away in my life – NO!  Absolutely not.  But God’s grace continues to work in my life and with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit I can overcome them.

You can overcome every obstacle to grace in Christ.