Obstacles to Grace part 1

Why do good people suffer? In this life, everyone of us is going to suffer.  But why?  And is it okay to ask that question?  I’m asking myself “Why?  Why do bad things happen to good people?”  

Tuesday, September 5th was a start of a week that I thought was going to be very pleasant…one of leisure and time to enjoy life!  You see, I flew down to Florida to see my parents for what I thought would be a week’s vacation.  But, within 24 hours we were evacuating the area due to Hurricane Irma.  Within a two hour time period, we hurriedly gathered a few things to put in the car for what we thought would be a 2-3 day trip and then return and carry on life as usual.  But, instead, after leaving, the news continued to worsen.  It was 3 weeks before we were allowed to return back to the area.  The electric was still out but the level 3 contaminated flood waters had receded. My husband, Richard, and I went in place of my parents along with my brother and two of our friends.  Upon arrival into the area, the stench was like riding into a sewer.  I suited up to protect myself from the contamination. I was not prepared for what I was about to experience even though I thought I was.   I was able to get to my parents place, unlock the door and I immediately doubled over and began sobbing. The stench had heightened dramatically when I opened the door. Their home had been closed for 3 weeks without electric or any ventilation and 95 degree plus temperatures. Mold was growing everywhere throughout the home. It turned into a nightmare. It was such a short time ago that I had just arrived with the expectation of a pleasant and enjoyable visit with my parents to realize that 99% of what my parents owned were never going to be used again.  We were able to return back to Ohio with two bins that included legal documents, jewelry, a few miscellaneous memorabilia along with a computer that was damaged.  I was grateful to at least have something. 

While we were there the stress was extremely high as you could imagine. My husband and I were having conflict with varying opinions with much filled emotion.  He didn’t want me going in but I thought someone had to do it and who else was going to?  I was having conflict with my older brother.  Family dynamics were kicking into gear in my own mind as that ‘baby sister’.  Also I was going through feelings of false guilt. If only I would have been able to help my parents get sandbags for the doors, if only I would have been able to put some things up off of the floor before leaving.  If only…If only I could have known…And of course, my feelings of anger at God.  Why God…Why do my parents of near 85 years of age have to lose nearly everything they own to restart this late in life?  In other words, Why do bad things happen to good people.  It is still very difficult to put into words the depth of this experience.   As you can tell, I was experiencing many obstacles…obstacles that got in the way of my plans, my hopes, my desires.  Obstacles that affected my relationship with God, with others and within myself. Why God?  (to be continued)