Supportive Ministries are vital for the overall health of the church.  Some of these ministries are more visible than others but they are all working together to make a healthy church that can look good on the outside of the building and be transforming on the inside of people’s lives.

Audio/Visual/Lighting/Streaming  (A/V/L/S):  This team oversees the audio recordings of the sermons, the live streaming of the service, the visual presentations of the songs, sermons and videos along with appropriate lighting for the various settings.  This team is also responsible for the overall technology throughout the building.  For additional information please contact:  Harry Whitney at 614.571.4653 or
Building & Grounds:  This team oversees all activities associated with the operation, maintenance, safety and security of all building, grounds, furnishings and equipment owned by the church, except items that are expressly the responsibility of another ministry.  They also provide security for the building.  We want to assure that we provide a safe environment for all who attend.  If you would like to serve in this area or for questions, please contact the office at 614.861.6220 and we will send a message to Russ Petry.
Pastoral Care Team:  The church provides visits to our shut-ins/sick and those in the hospital.  We also make phone calls to people within the congregation to let them know we care about what’s going on in their lives.  Notes and cards are sent to various individuals with the hope of providing a word of encouragement and/or a prayer for God’s healing touch.   For more information or to help in this area, please contact the church office at 614.861.6220.
Financial:  The financial team provides oversight to all church finances taking great care in keeping very accurate records as we believe this is extremely important.  Tithes and offerings can be given in a variety of ways, such as: giving during our Sunday celebration service, sending it through the mail in envelopes which are available upon request or you may choose our online giving option. The financial team consists of a Treasurer, Bookkeeper/Financial Secretary, offering counters and an Accountant.  For additional information, please feel free to contact:  Jason Richards at

Media/Public Relations/MarketingThe overall objective of this team is to enhance and further the community outreach for Vineyard Christian Church.  By dispersing information about our events and services, we help to generate interest and excitement in our church and community regarding what we have available to others. Our Goal is to utilize every aspect of communication available to us to bring attention and growth to Vineyard Christian Church.  By using many different methods, tools, and technology, we attempt to reach and attract as many people as possible to become a part of our exciting church and growing ministries. We are striving to create a visual and written environment in all mediums by producing elements that are creative, informative and inspirational to everyone we reach.

Currently we are active in social media with our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, exterior signage, and of course, word of mouth and personal relationships.  We have extended  our outreach and made our message available to many more people, by broadcasting multi-camera production of our services streaming live on the Internet each week.  For additional information please contact:  Matt Stricker at
Office: The office is a ‘grand central station’ throughout the week for people to come and go and provide support for the church as well as be available to touch people’s lives in the community.  We have volunteers who help answer the phone, make copies, get the bulletins ready for Sunday and so much more.  The office is led by our administrative assistant, Sandy Whitney, who may be contacted at: or 614.861.6220
Prayer Prayer is vital in the support every area of ministry.  Therefore, through our prayer ministry, we have intercessors available to receive prayer requests and praises as well as those who provide prayer for immediate needs. We also offer extended times of what is often referred to as “Healing or Soaking Prayer” for people who may be in a time of crisis or who are dealing with particular health issues.  For personal and confidential prayer, you can contact Helen Petry at  In order to respect your privacy, please be sure to mention if your request is ‘confidential’ or if you’d like it to be shared with our intercessory prayer team so they can pray for you as well.  You can also use the ‘contact us’ tab on this website to share your request.